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Nov 19, 2012 4:00pm PST
this for quite awhile now. he had a chance to sit down with pierce morgan on cnn. >> essentially the media has played a role in protecting david petraeus and promoting david petraeus. we saw it again tonight, a spokesperson in baghdad, who was a roommate with petraeus is on tv defending david petraeus without addressing the real problems with david petraeus' record. you may not get something like that from barbara starr who is a spokesperson for the pentagon in many ways. >> michael, you started laughing two-thirds of the way through that one. what do you think when you see that? >> my friend barbara star send me their best wishes, i'm sure. the point i was making and why i made that point is because you have a scandal with general petraeus where it's a sex scandal and almost in any other situation the media would have turned on him and tried to rip him to shreds. but because he's in the military and he has this emperor-like persona around him they treat him very softly. >> let me challenge you on what you said there and what you're saying now. barbara star, pentagon corresponden
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
concerns, you might not get that from cnn a spokesperson for the pentagon in many ways. >> our own notebook there, a body slam of cnn and the generals. i want to show you cnn's reaction. >> bob is not a spokesperson for the agency. >> i followed her coverage closely. >> just because she's written naughty things about you doesn't make her a spokesperson. >> what makes her a spokesperson is repeating a lot of pentagon claims. >> journalists who challenge the government are seen as oh, wacky outsiders, and the only thing that ever gets you in trouble is not reckless wars that kill hundreds of thousands of people, but sex. >> at beginning, i was thinking the same thing why is this going on because of a sex scandal, it's between him and his wife. but then, a few other angles came saying this could be a security issue who knew, who didn't know. i'm fine with all those questions being answered. what's weird and i understand from a different level is people forget they hold these positions, hey do me this favor, send me those emails, by the way don't you like my at-bats. they hold these powerful po
Nov 20, 2012 10:00pm PST
, broke off her trip to asia, went to israel today. the bombing as we just learned from cnn, it's continuing. >> just moments ago we're on the scenes. we'll watch this videotape as we watch what is unfolding. watch this. >> the day began as a day of diplomatcy. hillary clinton went to israel, and this is what they were trying to work out all day. [ explosion ] >> another day of violence in gaza. israeli airstrikes killed a senior militant and five others on an attack on a car. elsewhere, mass mitt tonights killed six people expected collaborating with israel. as attacks were both sides continue. >> i caution against a ground operation. >> diplomats converged on the region including secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> i can assure you that she'll be meeting with the palestinian authority. >> the goal of the egyptian-led negotiation is to broker an immediate end to the fighting, which cannot happen until both sides lay down their arms. >> israel will not hesitate to do what is necessary to defend our people. >> i'm graced by the presence of patriciatricia rose secretary clinton
Nov 5, 2012 10:00pm PST
polled on it yet. which i find stunning. we have cnn polls and says what happens if these others are on the ballot. i have got news for you, they are on the ballot. those are the polls you should have been doing all along. let's take colorado, very important swing state. president obama when the question is just posed obama versus romney, he leads by two points. 50-48. that's in the cnn poll. when you look at it as it is on the ballot, then obama still has the lead, but it's mayor 48-47. look at gary johnson the libertarian candidate with four points and jill stein with one point. and goode the constitution party candidate is less than a half percentage of a point. but when you put it together, you see how president obama's margin has narrowed. could it make a difference especially when the margin is that small? of course it could make a difference. gary johnson believes it could make a difference in two different ways. >> new mexico, colorado, and nevada i take more votes away from obama. in north carolina and michigan, i take votes away from romney. it's equal on both sides and the
Nov 29, 2012 4:00pm PST
insisting that they be cut instead. by the way who's going to aid and abet them, of course, cnn. >> those entitlements cuts are going to be painful but they're going to have to do it. >> cenk: i love how they're supposed to be objective unless they're pushing the pro rich, pro establishment thinking, they're going to have to do he be title cuts, take that money away from the middle class, give it to the rich. now, let me bring in someone who has a different view on the fiscal cliff than a lot of people in the media robert rice. he's of course secretary of labor under the clinton administration. his new book is beyond outrage what's gone on with our economy and how to fix it. let's start with the fiscal cliff. secretary reich if we hit the fiscal cliff would it be devastating and hence we must do cuts in social security and medicare? >> first of all the fiscal cliff is a misnomer. it really is not a cliff. we can go over it and a lot of people won't feel much, particularly if democrats do what they say they're going to do, and that is pass a bill that makes the tax cuts retroactive to janu
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)